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Luxury Gym in Melbourne
Club Forma Personal Training Melbourne

Get In The Best Shape
Of Your Life!

Claim your FREE $410 Gift Certificate to get:

A complete health and nutrition consultation

A biometric body scan using our state-of-the-art EVOLT 360 machine

A comprehensive fitness, posture, and biomechanics assessment

One one-to-one personal training session in our private fitness studio

A copy of my new Special Report, “9 Secrets for Maximum Fitness and Weight Loss Results in Minimum Time!”

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$410 Gift Certificate

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PT in Richmond

Why Do Most People Who Try To Get In Shape Fail?

They do at it alone. They lack accountability.


Accountability is the secret to losing weight and getting in shape.


But not accountability to yourself. It’s too easy to rationalize this away.


Not accountability to a spouse, partner or friend. They’ll stop nagging you because they don’t want to damage the relationship.


The secret is accountability to a coach, mentor and guide…someone who is committed to your commitment and impervious to your excuses

We Guarantee Your Results

Personal training with a certified expert is the least expensive option available to you.


Because when you become a Club Forma client, we guarantee your results!


You could spend thousands on home fitness equipment, joining gyms, trying this diet or that – and never get the results you want.


We will design a customized fitness plan for you, fit it into your busy schedule, provide you with the right information, guidance, and equipment in our state-of-the-art private studio - and then hold you accountable to stick to the plan.

THAT is how results are achieved!

Personal Trainer in Richmond

Here's What Our Clients Say About Their Experience With Club Forma 

About Hayden Thin and Club Forma

Hi, I'm Hayden Thin. That's me in the picture icing the cake.


I'm the owner of Club Forma, the one-on-one personal training and exercise therapy studio, at 71 Murphy Street Richmond 3121.


You see, my team and I specialise in "icing cakes" – helping people like you get maximum enjoyment, fulfilment, and satisfaction from your life.


I've been training people in and around Richmond for 20+ years and in that time my team of trainers and I have helped many individuals get healthier, stronger and perform better in their every day lives. Some of them have been on their fitness journey with me for over 12 years. 


But since you don't quite know me yet, I want to prove my claims to you.


That's why I'm offering you a FREE $410 Gift Certificate.


All you have to do is click the button below to claim it.


Club Forma Location

71 Murphy St, Richmond, VIC 3121

PT in Richmond

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Claim your FREE $410 Gift Certificate today to get access to a complete health and nutrition consultation, a biometric body scan, a comprehensive fitness, posture, and biomechanics assessment, a One one-to-one personal training session, and a copy of my new special report.

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