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Helping Busy Professionals 
Perform Better at Life

Richmond's premier personal training experience

Club Forma Personal Training Melbourne
PT in Richmond

Get More From Life...

  • Build a strong, healthy body

  • Boost energy levels and enhance mental performance

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort

  • Feel youthful, excel in all areas of life

  • Workout in a Stress-Free Environment

Club Forma is a client-focussed, personal training & exercise therapy studio in Richmond.


We specialise in helping busy professionals weave positive health and fitness habits into their daily lives, for sustainable positive change, and long-term achievement of their health and fitness goals.

PT in Richmond

Hear Why Busy Professionals Love Our Personal Training Services


Our Services

Better performance: Personal Training designed specifically for you.

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Personal Training

Increase your strength and fitness, boost brain function, improve overall health, wellbeing and mobility with our One-to-One Personal Training sessions.


We design training programs tailored to your goals, work schedule and lifestyle.


Our expert personal trainers guide you through your tailored workouts, ensuring you get the absolute best from your time spent in the gym –

helping you stay focussed, make consistent progress and achieve those results you really want!

Personal Trainer in Richmond
Nutrition coach in richmond
Luxury gym in Melbourne

Nutrition Coaching

How do you maximise results from your time spent in the gym? - get your nutrition right.


Included in your membership is the “baby-steps” nutrition success method – an achievable approach to nutrition.


Our expert personal trainers guide and support you in building small, healthy nutrition habits that fit into your busy lifestyle and are sustainable – ensuring significant positive change over time without having to make huge sacrifices to achieve your goals.

EVOLT 360 Body Scan

Ever wondered what your body fat percentage is and what it really means for your health?


Using the very latest in body composition scanning technology, our expert personal trainers can provide you with not just your body fat percentage, but an exact picture of your body composition.


This includes a full analysis of what the numbers really mean for your health and what you can do next to reach your health & fitness goals, feel amazing and excel in life.

PT Studio in Richmond

Meet the team

Best Personal Trainer in Melbourne

Hayden Thin - Director

International Sports Sciences Association Accredited Master Trainer The Biomechanics Method: Corrective Exercise Specialist Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional Level 3  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach    Australian Weightlifting Federation Licenced Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Specialist in Senior Fitness (ISSA) Specialist in Strength and Conditioning (ISSA) Motivational Techniques Certification (Cadence Health)

Building his team around the ethos of community has enabled Hayden to create a nurturing environment for both his clients and trainers to grow in. Hayden has worked in the fitness industry nationally and internationally for over 24 years and worked with hundreds of clients. During this time, he has developed an approach that sees his clients achieve their best physical and mental results in fun and efficient ways, working closely with each of them to achieve success.   Outside of the club Hayden enjoys cinema, art, great food and is passionate about coffee.

Max Hutchinson - Head Trainer

Certificate IV in Fitness Accredited  The Biomechanics Method: Corrective Exercise Specialist Shift Adapt: The Art of Breathe Core Advantage: Anatomy for high performance

Max began developing himself in personal training studios at age 12, he later defined himself as a Personal Trainer. Max has a considerate and wholistic approach to health and fitness goals and people of all kinds. Outside of the club he spends time listening to 60s-70s rock, eating pastry and hiking mountains.

Richmond PT

Mars Lester - Personal Trainer

Batchelor of Exercise Science (Sport Practice) Victoria University Cert III & IV in Fitness Victoria University

Mars began his journey training and lifting weights in an elite sport environment from 12 years old. Since then, he has developed a holistic approach to training that encompasses client strength, nutrition, overall health, and mental wellbeing. Mars draws on his passion for sports and fitness to ensure his clients achieve positive, meaningful results.

Richmond Personal Training
Luxury gym in Melbourne

Sahar Farzanfar - Creative Director

Certificate IIII & V in Fitness Accredited Certificate IV in Training & Education ARBV Registered Architect

Sahar is a person of ideas and a passionate designer. As a qualified fitness professional and a practicing architect, she started off running both professions parallel, practicing in Sydney and Melbourne over 8 years ago before practice of architecture became her focus while still applying her creative thinking to contribute to new concepts, considered spaces and improving human health at Club Forma. She is currently dedicating herself part time as a creative director and Club Forma Sahar embraces the value in delivering a premium service and maintaining a consistent and high-quality Club Forma experience. " Keeping our vision at Club Forma as priority, I seek to ensure we consistently move towards achieving our mission while we stand by our values every step of the way."

best PT in Richmond
  • What are your personal training program options?
    We have three different program options: Personal Training (One-to-One) Personal Training (One-to-Two) conditions apply Online Programming and Coaching
  • What's included in your personal training programs?
    60-minute One-to-One personal training sessions. Detailed biomechanics & postural assessments so your Trainer can design accurate programs for your body and your goals. Biometric body composition scans using the latest, non invasive Evolt 360 technology, so you know exactly how you’re progressing. Personal nutrition coaching based on whether you want to lose body fat, build muscle or increase performance. Progress assessments every 6-weeks for accountability and to ensure you are always on track towards achieving your best. Beautifully appointed, friendly, non-busy training facilities.
  • I’m unfit. Is personal training right for me?
    Yes. Personal training is the best place to start if you’ve been inactive for a while or you are just starting out. Our personal trainers will take you through a detailed assessment, determine the best starting point for you and then help you increase your fitness, build strength and confidence in the gym, while guiding you with your nutrition and lifestyle habits so you lose weight, build muscle (or tone up) and feel your best.
  • How long are your membership contracts?
    No fixed contracts. Our Training programs span 6-weeks. Interested in personal training at Club Forma? Click here for a free consultation.
  • I've had a personal trainer before and tried other gyms, how are you different?
    Club Forma is not just about fitness, we are about Wellness. Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. To understand the significance of wellness, it’s important to understand how it's linked to health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), health is defined as being “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Several key areas of your lifestyle are considered dimensions of overall Wellness. They include: social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. Each one has an impact on your physical and mental health. By making simple and healthy choices on a daily basis, you will be well on your way towards reducing stress, having positive social interactions and achieving optimal wellness. Start with small changes within each dimension and take it one day at a time Club Forma Clients recognise the hard work that is required to make positive change in their lives and are willing to work hard, making small consistent changes to their lives on a daily basis to achieve complete wellness. Club Forma Clients are nurtured, feel part of a community and provided the support they need to thrive not just in their physical health but in all aspects of their lives. Club Forma is a movement away from the tradition gym environment to one that is warm, mature and welcoming – a home away from home.
  • How much are your personal training programs?
    Personal training packages range from $120 - $600 per week with access to flexible personal training bookings, amenities and support. Enquire now to find out which program is right for you based on your schedule, goals and budget.
  • Can I access the facility outside of my One-to-One sessions with my Trainer?
    Yes. If training 3 or more One-to-One sessions per week with your Trainer, club access is complimentary. For clients training once or twice per week with their trainer, Club Access is available at $25 per week.
  • Does the gym have showers and change room facilities?
    Yes, we have two showers and three change rooms. Full towel service and shower products are also included complimentary.


Club is open to clients:

5:00am to 11:00pm | 7 Days 

Visit by appointment only

(+61) 497 564 111

Our location:

71 Murphy St 

Richmond, VIC 3121

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